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Contract closed - questions about refund and rating

My contractor just closed the contract because it was more work than he tought. He didn't finish but didn't bill anything. 



1. When will the money in the ecrow be refunded to me? Do I need to do anything for that?

2. Should I give him a rating? It made me lose some time, and I didn't particularly enjoy his interactions (very short, borderline rude, and for a poor overall work quality). But at the same time I got part of the work done "for free".  Based on that, I would give him 2 stars, which would degrade his score quite a bit.


Any advice is welcome.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nicolas,


If the fixed price contract was closed by the freelancer, funds in Escrow will be refunded directly to your payment method. I would also suggest you leave honest private and public feedback to let Upwork and other clients know about your experience with the freelancer.


Thank you.

~ Valeria
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