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Contract ending - but we want to go on.... ?

hi all,


I have a problem. I have a contract going on with a freelancer, but due to insufficient time from my end to give feedback, the contract now automatically is ending for some reason. How to I stop this?    It also asked the freelancer a refund... 😞


How do I re-activate the contract? How do I prolong the period?  and cancel the refund request?

Please let me know.

Thank you.



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Stepan, 

One of our team members will contact you via ticket shortly and assist you further with this. 

~ Goran
Community Member

Funds can not sit festering in Escrow for more than 3 months so that is when contracts are automatically closed. A closed contract can not be brought back to life.


In future make sure you set and work with milestones that don’t last that long, so the money does not sit there so long. It is not really fair to the freelancer to work for months without seeing some payment.

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