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Contract on hold

My one contract is on hold and the client not contact with me..

but i done the job successfully. How i connact the client.


Is the contract "on hold" or "paused"?


if it is "on hold" there is a problem with the client's account and they will need to resolve it. If they won't resolve it there isn't much that can be done.


what exactly is your question?

My cotract is hold last 2 months ago but the client cannot solve it.

Then what do you want to contact the client for? Close the contract and move on.

my 1 contract suspended from upwork, I have got a mail from upwork and they are says "We've noticed some possible issues with your contract. Please hold off on working on this contract until we give you the all clear. I know these holds are frustrating, but they are essential for the safety of your account and the marketplace. We're doing all we can to clear things up quickly." what i do now?

Don't work on the contract like they said. It's ok to ping the client and just say "hey, I can't work on your project until the payment method is fixed" and if they are legit they will let you know that they are working on it. If they did somethng serious, it could be a couple weeks or so. Not your problem really. It's theirs. Just move on to the next project until they fix it.

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Hi Md. Asaduzzaman,


Jennifer is correct. Please feel free to follow up with your client but make sure not to continue working until you are notified that the issue has been resolved and the contract resumed. 

~ Vladimir