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Hello. I am interested in a question that has to do with a contract. What holds back Western employers (USA, England, Europe) from hiring designers from other countries under contract? I used to work freelance with American clients and I like the way they dialog and no problems at all, but this is freelance.

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From what I have read online, 40%+ of the freelancers hired on Upwork are non USA.

Hello. I will not argue and most likely you are right. it probably applies more to developers and programmers.
I am a graphic designer and UX/UI specialist. I have often sent my resume, but almost always the client ignores it. The bulk of the clients wanted US citizens and people with work permits. I'm just wondering if it's possible to find something without a work permit or get a contract to work.

When applying for most Jobs, freelancers ONLY have a 2% chance of getting the Jobs because of the volume of freelancers applying. UX/UI jobs are decreasing due to the massive tech layoffs in the USA.


I have continued to upgrade my Skills to avoid these issues and got 250+ client engagements last year from 30 different countries. It had little to do with location and everything to do with a high demand unique Skill set.

Very interesting information. I would like to hear from you what direction you should choose now or what new things you need to learn. what professions are relevant on the market now and what directions?

Get the paid version of ChatGPT for $20 per month and learn everything about the tool.


A freelancer + ChatGPT = hot in-demand Skills that clients desperately want.

For the three months ended September 30, 2023 Upwork says 74 % of client payments went to freelancers based outside the United States. (See Page 18 of the company's third quarter 10-Q filing with the US government for more details.)

Payments and locations are different words.

Yes, William T C, they are different words. 


That's quite an insight. 

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