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Contractor asking for hourly instead of fixed price contract


I have a job contract out which was for a fixed price and made an offer to someone. The person has a decent upwork history but has asked to do it hourly which will equal the amount of the fixed price offer I sent. The reason the contractator has asked to do it this way is to make their profile look beter on upwork.


Does anyone see any sort of issues that may occur if I decide to help him out this way? I've ever done hourly rate before so wondering if we can restrict it to a certain amount of hours as well?


I'm also unsure what will happen if he doesn't actually complete the work in set hours, will upwork force me to pay him for the hours done?


Glen, if they go over the allowed hours, they will only be paid for those if you approve the extra hours. And yes, if he doesn't turn in work as agreed to, then you have to close the contract, but as long as there are screenshots taken by the timer app that seems to indicate work was done and a reasonable amount of keyboard activity during those screenshots, the freelancer *will* be paid for the allowed hours, unless you choose to dispute them. So there's some risk in converting from hourly to fixed price, but the freelancer really needs the hours and decent feedback so I think chances are very good he will deliver as promised. 

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