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Contractor runs off

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Samantha S Member Since: Jun 23, 2016
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@kevin c wrote:

But what they dont say is that a freelancer with good ranking can REMOVE a feedbck and make them look good again. The fact that you get perks to remove bad feedback is Upwork somewhat supporting scamming freelancers.

This would be true if the "scamming freelancer" only scams one client every three months and completes 10 projects successfully within the next three months before scamming another client. And if the freelancer is fortunate and none of these clients open a dispute. 


Really, the top-rated feedback removal perk doesn't support scammers. It does support freelancers who consistently satisfy clients and every once in a while have one bad contract.


I would be surprised if there were many freelancers who time their scams to meet the 3 month/10 jobs criteria AND who choose clients who would not complain or open a dispute. My guess is they might get away with this once. I realize that is small comfort to a client if it happens to them.


Also, when a top-rated freelancer removes feedback from the profile, Upwork labels that job "feedback removed." So prospective clients would probably guess there was negative feedback for that job.


I am just pointing this out because sometimes people don't realize there are limitations on the feedback-removal perk and they imagine that top-rated freelancers are able to remove every instance of negative feedback.