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Re: Criminal action supported by UPWORK

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Rezida A Member Since: Jul 4, 2019
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Did you know, that top rated developer can delete messages incide your conversation? 

Did you know, that if you follow developers request and stop disput you will have no any change to get your money back? 

Did you know, that developer can get your ( clients) money without delivering work if he cancel contract after your canceling disput by his request? 

Did you know, that developer can blackmail you to give him Top Rate and even if  Upwork clearly know about blackmailing, Upwork will not support you ever? 

We know all this by our 4 month experience in Upwork. 

We blackmailed and payed  2.365 USD instead agreed 1.000 USD and get  for 50% work done - NO SUPPORT from UPWORK!! 


Please Be CAREFULL ! Do not make mistake that we did. 

**edited for Community Guidelines**


22.03.2019 We start project with fixed price 1.000 USD for 4 piece. deadline 19 April 

5.05.2019  1.365 USD payed. 1 piece 25% work delivered  for 100% payment  ( 3 pieces payed not delivered) 

11.06.2019 Asked help from Upwork

18.06.2019 No help recieved, so we lounched disput 

Developer didnt give us code for other 3 pieces, that was payed, it's 3 month after deadline!  He start to blackmail us 

  • Requested to stop disput
  • Give him good feadback 
  • Create new milestone for 750 USD for 3 already payed but not delivered pieces  

We canceled disput, as we need codes, created milestone for 250 USD for 1of the piece

28.06.2019 Developer canceled contract 

28.06.2019 Developer received our 250 USD and refused delivering codes.

3.07.2019 We asked supoprt from Upwork, that we not ready to pay, it's blackmailing - NO SUPPORT from UPWORK  they told they can not do nothing and let us to follow his blackmailing if we need codes. 

12.07.2019 We forced to give him good feadback, to create new contract and put 750 USD to be able to recieve 1 of the 3 pieces! Please remember, that this was already payed 5.05.2019 but not delivered to us. He blackmail over payment, Upwork know it and didn't support us!! 

15.07.2019 We payed 750 USD and recieved piece #2 from 4  ( 250 USD + 750 USD = 1000 USD additional blackmailed overpayment for work that was already payed 5.05.2019 ) 50% work and 200% payment great! 


We contacted UPWORK again, they said it's Top Rated developer he have power to delete our bad feadback, that we left him after second overpayment. Today i went  to our correspondence with developer all mesages with blackmailing messages WAS DELETED!!! All what i have picture from the screeen that i've made when we start to complaine to support team. Upwork literally supporting criminal developer, developer have power

  • to recieve money without delivering work 
  • delete bad feadbacks
  • delete messages from conversations and cover themselves

Please stay safe, avoid any business  with **Edited for Community Guidelines**  and even with Upwork, they will never support client !!!! It's **Edited for Community Guidelines**, that supporting developers, and not protecting clients. Please see atatched files, that left after this Top Rated Upwork developer cleaned up our conversations. Shame .... complete shame ....  

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Rezida A Member Since: Jul 4, 2019
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 If anyone had same situation with **edited for Community Guidelines**, please let us know, maybe Upwork finally will investigate and take out false Top Rates from this developer, so other clients will not be his victim  

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Rezida, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience with this freelancer. I checked your dispute Ticket# 25785259, and understand that the dispute was closed in the freelancer's favour due to non-response to the mediators request for additional information. Firstly, I would like to advise you that when a dispute arises, you are required to respond to the mediator via Zendesk and not on the dispute thread. In the future, please be sure to respond directly to tickets sent you regarding disputes as it will be closed and will be closed in the other party's favour if you remain unresponsive. You may also refer to the information relayed to you through Ticket# 25946167 confirming the scenario I have shared above in case you need more information. 


On Ticket #26106280, it was explained in detail that Top Rated freelancers can use the Feedback Removal Perk. You may refer to the help article I linked, or to the information the Customer Support Agent has relayed to you for more information about this perk. As the ticket remains open, I will go ahead and follow up with the team so that they can respond to you and assist you further.

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Rezida A Member Since: Jul 4, 2019
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Dear Avery, 

Please come back to us with solution


what we requesting: 

* Take out  our good feadback that we was olige to give to be able to get our codes  

* 250 USD that developer took by forced cancelling contract and didn't deliver us NO ANY work for that has to be refunded, specially, Upwork was avare about this unlegal deposit. 

* Bring back our real true bad feadback to make other cleints avare about developers actions, to avoid this stories again. 

* Please take your time, open screen shots, read developer blackmailing, are you accepting this on your platform ? 


Thank you 

Active Member
Rezida A Member Since: Jul 4, 2019
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Criminal developers name from **Edited for Community Guidelines** , company name **Edited for Community Guidelines**!) 

Upwork just keep on going supporting  him,  It's make my smile as Upwork delete his name from my  post)) 

So kind of you!)   Why you not take action against him, but protecting him? Please explaine  


Community Guru
Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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- Yes, a freelancer, or even a client can delete a message they sent right on Upwork messages.

But they can't delete or edit the email notif you received of such message. To see the original message, check your email.

- A freelancer who is Top Rated can use their feedback deletion perk to delete one feedback. However, such freelancer may not delete another feedback until 3 months and 10 contracts after their feedback deletion.

- Finally, Upwork repeatedly warns clients not to release milestones before reviewing and accepting the work done for such milestone.

After client proactively releases such milestone (which signifies acquiescence with the work done), Upwork cannot chase down the money for you.

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Rezida A Member Since: Jul 4, 2019
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Thanks for your input but we hope it is not quite as you describe.
We hope that Upwork themselves keep a record of all the conversations as if they don't that is rather worrying and could lead to all sorts of abuse.
We have no issue if certain freelancers have a perk to delete unwanted feedback. It could be said this doesn't give a true reflection of the freelancers but that is Upwork choice to build an honest or not community.
We did NOT actively release the money, the freelancer cancelled the contract and so the money is given to him by DEFAULT by Upwork , even we contacted them and informed about developers actions and we was Not ready to pay him at all 
At this point the code is legally OURS (since under the Upwork T+Cs we have now paid for it) but Upwork are UNABLE to force him to release it to us so the only option is to agree to the freelancers demands or walk away with NO code and NO money! Neither are very good options.
Have Upwork not thought of this scenario and how to resolve it or do they not care when it happens? It seems the latter.
Community Leader
Ilham B Member Since: Jul 26, 2016
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this sounds bad and frustrating, but did they requested a payment and you waited for 14 days or not ?

Community Leader
Ilham B Member Since: Jul 26, 2016
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Here's my post, it's highly relevant with your post :


hope they don't delete this post, lols 

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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I would think it would be obvious to anyone that if you withdrew your dispute you up your dispute and consenting to the normal process moving forward. It's always helpful to read TOS and know how things work before handing over your credit card, but even without having done any of your homework, it's hard to understand how you thought canceling your dispute wouldn't cancel your dispute.