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Dear clients: you get what you pay for

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Zoltán N Member Since: Jul 23, 2015
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"All too often, freelancers encounter promising potential clients who try to negotiate for a deal, for an exception. And while it’s tremendously frustrating when a new contact tries to undercut prices for the nth time, there aren’t necessarily nefarious motivations behind it. Everybody likes a discount; everybody, I suppose, likes to feel special. Budgets are sometimes tight, and people want competitive pricing. And under the right circumstances, a little wiggle-room can sometimes be found; if the work is especially intriguing, or if it’s likely to become a foundational sense of income. Can a client really be blamed for trying?


Maybe not – but if clients want long-term access to freelancers’ time and energy, they’ve got to make commitments of their own. Even the best flattery starts to ring pretty hollow when freelancers can’t pay their bills.


Clients of the world, if you want loyal freelancers who do their best work for you, who prioritize you, who invest in your work… you need to invest in them."



(Read Kate Hamill's full article here: Freelancers Union)

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Ashish K Member Since: Mar 1, 2016
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Love your name, Zoltan! Sounds like the name of a powerful revolutionary..

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Steve E Member Since: Sep 16, 2015
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As a consumer product designer, there are many freelancers who claim to be able to produce a successful, manufacturable product when all they really know is how to create a 3D model. A significant number of the jobs I've landed as a freelancer are from clients who went the low cost route and ended up with nothing more than wasted time and money. With few exceptions, clients hire freelancers whose work will inturn make them money. Paying more for a freelancer who has a proven work history and inspires confidence is money very well spent. It's likely to payoff exponentially both monitarily and from a time and hassle perspective. As the saying goes... you can pay me know or you can pay me later.

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Well-stated - unfortunately I don't think the people who would/should benefit by reading this, will do so.

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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Sweet!  Thanks for posting this.  Cat Very Happy