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Decline reason

Is there a way to find out why the freelancer declined my invitation? It'll be really helpful to know if it's because the price was not right, or they have no time, or I was looking for the wrong expertise, etc.

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While declining an invitation, there are some options listed there which the freelancer can choose or they will have a last option which says "Other" where they have to type the reason, but it is not mandatory.

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Hi L Z,


If the freelancer adds an optional message when they decline an invitation, that message is delivered to the client. Unfortunately, the reason they choose, isn't shared with the client.

~ Valeria
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Knowing if the price was out of their range is fairly easy to determine.  If it is a freelancer you are really interested in, take a look at their profile.  Most of us have our rates clearly noted in our overview (when it is a per piece rate, etc.) or our hourly rate set on our profile.  The same can be said for expertise, as we each have to choose Entry-level, Intermediate, or Expert.


Another thing to consider is whether it was a niche they are involved in.  For example, if the work area is in writing and you need a highly technical article based in the Scientific field but are inviting a freelancer that specializes in non-technical pieces in home design, you're certainly going to be declined (unless, of course, they moonlight in tech).


Finding the right freelancer can take a bit of work, but when you're using invitations, you'll have a lot more success by checking over profiles and work history.  That should give you a better idea of what they are comfortable with, which will save you a lot of frustration overall.

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