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Did “Notes” for proposals get moved?



When reviewing proposals, I seem to remember being able to take notes much more easily.  Like there was a button specifically for it right at the top.  Now I have to click the heart in the top right hand corner then select a list I want to put them on, then a message appears at the bottom of the screen and at the end I can click on that to take a note.  WTH.  Then to view the notes, I have to go to that specific list.  When I go back to view the proposals, the notes aren't there.


Jotting down a quick note directly on the proposal on the proposal list is a no brainer.  I still like the option to create a separate lists for other reasons, but when there's 30 proposals I just need to run through I don't wanna have to create some separate list and go back-and-forth.  I don't remember having to do that on a previous job not long ago.  Or am I imagining things?  Has it always been this convoluted?  


Edit:  Ok, I was a bit out of it and found the button next to the thumbs up buttons where you can edit/add notes.  If only it didn't take an hour to load.



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