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Did the freelancer block me or did their account get suspended?

Hi there, I just got off the call with a potential hire, and I was going to go to their profile and hire them. But then, when I click on the hire, it says, "The freelancer's account is not available." then, when I go to their account page, it says, "This profile is no longer available."

I know this person was legit, so not sure why they'd be 'not available', and then I'm not sure why they'd block me because we were already scoping out milestones....



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Hi Christopher,

one of the reason is upwork put profile on private if you he/she is not earning from certain time. secondly upwork will make his profile on holding due to any suspecious activity happend on his/her profile.


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The problem here is not with the freelancer. The problem is with the client's approach to hiring.


Rather than caring so much about one random stranger on the Internet, the client should put himself and his project first.


This means that the client should be hiring multiple people to work on the project. If one freelancer does not show up, or quits, or gets suspended, or dies... the client assigns the work to others on the team.

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I'd guess they got suspended.

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