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Dispute - unresponsive and client claiming he finished

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John H Member Since: Aug 29, 2020
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My freelancer is simply not completing the work and finishing our agreement but wants to be paid the full amount. I pointed this out to him and he's being unresponsive.


He's simply someone who is not good at communication and not a good developer, and I'm unsatisfied with his service. I don't think there's any policy for being stuck with a terrible freelancer and bowing out of the contract. But is something like that possible?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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This is a fixed-price contract? How much money is in the escrow payment?


re: "I don't think there's any policy for being stuck with a terrible freelancer and bowing out of the contract. But is something like that possible?"


I have hired over 100 freelancers on Upwork.

My time is valuable.


If I hire a freelancer who doesn't do a good job then I stop working with that person. I use the work that done by other team members. Or I assign the work to somebody else.


Is it possible for you to bow out of the contract?


The fastest and easiest way to get out of the contract is to navigate to the contract listing, click the "three dots" icon, release any remaining escrow money and close the contract. There is nothing that any freelancer can do to stop you from doing that. It doesn't matter how big the project was. It doesn't matter what the budget is. It doesn't matter how many milestones were planned. Nothing can stop you from doing that.

If you want to, you can even edit the amount of money that you release. If you were planning to pay $100, you can change that to $50. You can change it to ANY amount. You can change it to zero.



If you change it to amount higher than the amount in escrow, it will automatically go through, no questions asked. If you edit the amount of money you want to release to an amount which is LESS than the amount in escrow, then the freelancer will be asked to APPROVE your refund request. So the most certain way to make that happen is to communicate with the freelancer ahead of time and ask permission from the freelancer to pay less. If he says yes, and agrees to amount, then go ahead and edit the amount and he'll say yes and the whole thing will be over.


If you don't talk to the freelancer ahead of time, you can STILL edit the amount and request a full or partial refund of the money in escrow. If the freelancer DOES NOTHING, then you will receive the refund AUTOMATICALLY.


Here is an example:
Janet hired a freelancer to write an article for $100. After the contract started, the freelancer never communicated with Janet. Janet closed the contract and requested that she get her $100 back. The freelancer never responded to that request or clicked any buttons to reject the request. 7 days after Janet closed the contract, Upwork refunded the money back into Janet's account. The $100 was credited back to her credit card 4 business days later.