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Do Clients prefer 'Milestone' or 'Project wise' hiring and why ?

I would like to know what is the best suited method in which clients choose to pay for the projects they update.
Is it good to select By milestone or Project basis. 

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re: "Do Clients prefer 'Milestone' or 'Project wise' hiring and why ?"


It does not matter what clients "prefer."


Successful projects get completed using relatively small, manageable milestones.


The larger a project is, the less likely that it can be successfully completed on a "project-wise basis."

Okay, right that completely makes sense.

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Unless you have read and understood how fixed price contracts work you should stick with hourly or milestone based project for safer payments


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Different clients are different. Don't try to guess what they want. Propose what works best for you. If they prefer something else, they can negotiate with you.

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