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Does Upwork work with freelancers only or do they work also with service providers?

I have a company that provides software development services, can I create also the company profile to be able to apply for relevant jobs?

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You can create an agency to bring in your company's peolpe and services onto the platform.

Please refer this link for more info: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211067598-Create-an-Agency

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I appreciate all of y'all the  offers that y'all  going to put  into work moving forward 

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Absolutely! Upwork works not only with individual freelancers but also with service providers, companies & agencies. Small to medium sized providers can make use of agencies while large companies can utilize Upwork company profiles.

A company account on Upwork organizes your team’s interactions with independent freelancers and agencies.


You can create a company profile on Up work to showcase your software development services and apply for relevant jobs as a company.

Just ensure that your company profile highlights the skills, experience, and strengths that make your team a great fit for the jobs You’re interested in.

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Hi Fabricio,
Certainly, you have the option to establish your agency profile. We, too, operate as a software development agency and have set up our profiles under the agency category. Within the agency profile, you can include members associated with the agency

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Excelent, thanks all for the help. Will proceed creating a profile then. 

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