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Re: Does upwork save the information i provide of my credit card?

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Jameel K Member Since: Oct 23, 2019
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so i know that i have to add credit card/debit card information to pay freelancers, but my concern is that does upwork save my information ? like card number, name etc. Because i have seen it many times that this information gets in wrong hands all the time.

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Justin R Member Since: Apr 3, 2019
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They save the information to your profile, it'll pop up as "payment verified" on your account and without that you typically "not always" will see a lack in proposals if you don't have it verified.

They don't sell or give out your information though, I've never heard of anything like negative like that on this platform.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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If Upwork did not save your information somewhere, they would not be able to charge you for the work done by freelancers you hire.

So the answer to your question is: Yes.


Upwork saves your pertinent credit card information, in the same way that, and other retailers save your information if you set up accounts that can be charged without re-entering that information, and in the same way that Netflix and other subscriptions save your information so that they can charge you on a recurring basis.

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Jameel K Member Since: Oct 23, 2019
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Yes I know that those websites also save information like that. I was just curious to know the details. But I am sure my information will be safe with upwork.