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Download work diary in excel

Hello I would like to download the following data in csv or excel. Is it possible?


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Hi Emile,


Unfortunately, it's not possible to do a csv export of Work Diary.

~ Valeria

Is there ANY worklog download method?

This is an important feature to have for me as well



I hope there is a way to download work diaries are there are employers who insists on another diary to be submitted.


Thank you.

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Hi, this is a key feature that is very important for our organization

Hi Valeria - Any word on this feature? Updates coming?

We appreciate your suggestion, Jacob. We aren't aware of any plans to add this feature. If anything changes, we'll be sure to inform the Community.

~ Bojan

Add my name to the pile of people who'd like to see this feature. Right now I am having to document my tasks in a second time tracking application so i can get a granluar time spent on tasks export. It's very frustrating that I'm entering the exact same info into the Upwork app but can't get it out.  

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YES!! Can we please get this feature?! It can't be that hard to implement.

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We need this feature.


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May you want to download the work diary report? 


Check out "My reports" page, and activate "Memo" option to list tracked details. You'll find CVS download button upfront. 

Hi Uriel. I went to Reports > My Reports > Weekly Summary, but I don't see any "Memo" option for this report.

Hi Lynn,


Are you not able to see the download CSV option when you click the three dots right next to weekly summary?

~ Joanne

Astounding to me that UpWork has chosen not to implement this basic feature after literally years of requests from clients. It costs me multiple hours a week to manually print screenshots to make my finance department happy. I will not be using UpWork again at this organization after the current job until this glaring flaw in corrected. 

It seems you can only download reports with at least a Plus account. This I did not read in this thread on downloading work diary data.

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This is an important feature to have.  It's crazy that it's not easier to find ... and incredibly disappointing that I found one way to get it in reports, but it's numerous clicks away, difficult to find, and requires yet more fees.  Thanks, Upwork, for nickel and diming us in such a greedy way.  

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I need this Work Diary CSV as well.

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Under the "Reports" drop down menu you have these options:


* Overview

* Billings & Earning

* Transaction History

* Certificate of Earnings.


All of these have a CSV you can download, except for the Certificate. (For the weekly summary you have to click a little icon, and it's only for the current week.)


However, none of these provide the details I need, (it's like looking at a bank ledger). What I want is a CSV of my work diary showing the breakdown and descriptions of work performed how I entered it.



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Select "Reports" 

Select "My Reports" 

Select "Weekly Summary"

Adjust dates (As needed)

Select "Show _______ grouped as ________"

My Preference is "Show Contract grouped by Day"

Select "Customize Columns" 

My Preference is to select all options (You can select only what you need if you prefer)

*** Be Sure to select MEMO *** 

Click Save

Then, on the Right of "Filters" you will see a small CSV icon. 
Click it - The report should download including your memos! 

Are some of those options for Freelancer Plus only? 

This one works for me! Thank you so much, you saved me a lot of time

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I also require this Work Diary CSV

fall guys

Hi Linda,


Thank you for your message. I do not see any active contract on your account. Could you please clarify if you are referring to the same account you are posting or this is related to a different account?


Thank you,


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