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Duplicate "portfolio" from workers

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Radim R Member Since: Dec 2, 2015
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Thanks again Preston, Valeria.


I have no idea what a "small project" means on this site -- I have a budget of about 1k USD for this. I expect between 8-40h depending on contractor's competence, or 2 days if I had to do this myself.


The work cannot very well be done in parallel (multiple people accessing the same site), so I'll take your advice and wait for a single clearly competent person.


Thanks for all your replies! It's good to know these things.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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If I had a small project, such as creating a simple illustration for which I expected to pay between $5 to $30 in total, then I would have no qualms about hiring 4 to 8 people to do exactly the same job, and I would pay them all their hourly rate or a fixed-price rate that they agreed to, to complete the project.


Then I would personally own all of the work submitted, and I would be able to use it or not use it as I saw fit. I might see a couple of gems among the submitted work that turned out to be good values with regards to the amount I paid, and I would invite the contractors who provided that top-quality work to do additional work for me.


I do not personally regard a project in the $1000 range to be a "small" project and I would not hire multiple people to do a whole project on that scale. But I might hire multiple people to work an hour or two on a web development project in order to decide which among them can actually produce work that I can use and which is a good value in a cost-benefit analysis.

I would never hire a person to create a $1000 website, pay them, and wait a few months for them to deliver the whole thing to me. That's a recipe for disaster. As a project owner, you should have your project manager report to you on the progress of the project on at least a weekly basis.

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Radim R Member Since: Dec 2, 2015
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Wow, so $1,000 is considered worthy of an entire website here?


Maybe I overestimated the project budget. I'll have to have a look around, see other Upwork projects, calibrate what's "standard" 🙂


That's good news I guess.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Wow, so $1,000 is considered worthy of an entire website here?"


It depends on the website.


I'm really, really expensive (and worth it). I have created websites for clients for only a couple hundred dollars. And I have created other websites for which the client spent over $5,000.


For some websites, you should spend no more than $50.00.


It depends on what the website does, what it is used for, the quality of the source code, how much of it is novel versus re-purposed.


If you hired me create a website for you, you should expect to spend between $50.00 and $50,000.00.

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umar waqas k Member Since: Oct 1, 2015
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Preston H , Now i understand who is giving this idea to clients to hire multiple contractors.. You cannot say hire multiple contractors to check who is best, Client should be able to find best contractor looking at profile and portfolio. You don't give this idea to hire multiple and choose one . This way lot of competent contractors put effort and don't get chance to be hired. I think clients judgement should be fair enough, if not then they must look at other platforms rather finding at upwork ..


And if clients find somone with same links of multiple contractors, simple declined them. there are hundred and thousands of people looking for job honestly!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Hiring multiple contractors is simply a way for clients to save time and money on their projects while using this platform. And it is also a very equitable arrangement for contractors.


It is not always necessary. But often it is the best tactic.


I really need an illustration by Friday, because we are going to use it in a major presentation, for a contract worth thousands of dollars. Should I hire one person only? When I don't know for sure if this person is really up to the task? Or should I spend a little bit more and hire a few people, to make sure I get what I need?


I have a major website I need to get made. I really would like to work with just one talented, affordable contractor. But which one?


Should I spend thousands of dollars working with the ONE contractor I pick, out of dozens who apply for my job? Only to find that she stalls and makes excuses and ultimately was simply dishonest about her ability to do this project? Or should I spend a little bit of extra money upfront and save a lot of money in the long run by temporarily hiring multiple people and picking the best out of them, the one person who really delivers on time and is capable of writing the new custom functions I need... the one who isn't just copying and pasting garbage from the Internet which she has no understanding of?


If all contractors on Upwork were perfect and always represented themselves accurately, then I would have no need to hire multiple people. But there are many flawed contractors on Upwork.


The truth is, you have no way of knowing which contractor will work out and which will not. Why put all your eggs in one basket?


I recommend this strategy to clients based on my own experiences and based on the many nightmare experiences I read about here in the forum, wherein clients spend a lot of money and time and end up with nothing usable. Because they bet on just one contractor who mis-represented themselves.


re: "You cannot say hire multiple contractors to check who is best... This way lot of competent contractors put effort and don't get chance to be hired."


Umar, what you said here makes no sense to me. My advice to clients is that it is often better to hire multiple contractors on a trial basis and continue working with the one or ones who best meet their needs. By definition, I am recommending that clients hire MORE contractors. How does this strategy make it so that fewer contractors get hired, as you suggest?