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EU freelancer TAXES PAIN advice to UPWORK to fix this

So here we go 

I worked on upwork long time, not like half of my life but long enough to have the idea that for now this is the best on my opinion platform which is quite responsive and supportive to both clients and freelancers, at least I do not have concerns about customers support

I moved to EU and started company (sweden) that is where problems start and due to them I even stopped working on upwork at all. I decided to take one project recently and again I understand WHY i do not want to work here any more!


1. for small busnesses who recently started it is very expensive to hire acoountant and at the same time extremely hard to run it by oneself and upwork makes it even harder with their invoices not suitable in most of cases, and no possibility to send correct invoice to client. 

2. money conversion and fees make it harder to match invoices downloaded from upwork with reality in bank account... 

3. my latest pain - client covers the EXPENSES i made for photoshoot - upwork takes 10% from it as if this is my INCOME - I get not enough to cover expenses+not possible to correctly book it in accounting as amounts do not match at all


I think these things can be solved and many  people would continue working and others would join, but nothing is done... I will copmplete project and probably won't work here any more as I have to cover expenses from my pocket and pay taxes from the amount that supposed to be expenses cause i cant book it in a right way


Again don't get me wrong I love Upwork and loved to work here so much and feel bad that technical things ruin our great relationship. I love Upwork customer support ❤️ I love how they develop website and everything but it makes no sense now when working here only gives me headache instead of satisfaction from doing what I love. 

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You can mark the Upwork cut as operating expenses. It's the same as putting your internet connection or phone bill into accounting. Add the full invoice amount from Upwork as a debit (incoming money), then 10% as a credit (outgoing money), and everything checks out in accounting.

Thanks for advice, I usually do it though this doesn't make any sense as I still pay my money for something that had to be covered by client and I do not earn here anything to take a fee from me... This is just one more way to make everything even harder for those who are start-ups.... I was talking about solutions that would make all easier not more complex...

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