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Enhancement requests for Messages



I'm hoping someone working on the Upwork Messaging platform can see this.


As a client, I received a number of applications for a recent job, and I responded to everyone personally, but I had difficulty managing the communication.  It would be good if the Messaging feature could be more like email in the following sense: 


1. More space dedicated to the interview thread name. This is the equivalent of a subject line in email and I'd like the ability to increase it.  Alternatively, provide a lot of space for it, or even wrap the lines so I know which person I am communicating with.

2. Highlight new messages in the interview thread. This is BIG request.  It's easier for me to scan conversations and just go read the unread ones rather than going through each thread and seeing if I got a response.  The last activity column is misleading as Icould be the last one to reply.  I don't need to see my reply.  I need to see my applicant's replies.


3. Sort by latest message that came in.  I need to see messages as they come in.  Sorting by applicant's name is not very useful.


I'm loving using the platform, but these will make it easier to manage communication with applicants and help me respond personally to each one, which I believe is a good practice.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rey,


Thank you bery much for using Upwork and sharing your feedback about the messaging system. I will forward your feedback to our Product Team.

~ Valeria
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