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Error in payment site support

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Jorge J Member Since: Dec 6, 2015
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Here is my problem, I closed a job, I had an active milestone wich date was expired, and now it says that the job was paid due milestone expirance, I talked with the support people, and they said me that I should talk to the freelancer, I did it, he refuses to return the part part of the money I  ask him for. The support girl says I realeased the payment, I remember I didn't, but the thing is they don't believe me. I asked them how to iniciate a dispute, but they said me that I can't do it for jobs like this, with fixed payment. the money is in the account of the freelancer, I take the money as lost, maybe I shouldn't have trusted him or this system. My complain is about the client side defense options regarding payments, I feel like we don't have the same rights the freelancers have. They can iniciate a dispute, I think we can't, and the objectives of my jobs were clear, so I think this site can do better for us.


I hired this freelancer for a job he didn't finish, it was software, he worked I admit it but I hired him for the finished job, I had a hard time deadline and I didn't make it because of him. The incomplete software doesn't have any value to me, even the complete software doesn't have it now. I gave him a lot of extensions, several days he didn't work. I accepted to pay him if he helped me with another things, but most of the time he didn't answer me. I was minded to pay him a part of the money, but not the whole, it's about ethics, I woul not feel right being paid for something I promised I would finish but I didn't. He even said me that he could do it in two hours!!!. But he didn't finish, even with a lot of extensions. (I needed time to test test the software and make i work with another software, I pushed this at the limit)


I even paid him for hardware, he says me he can't give it back where he bought it, I told him to sell it and return me a part of the money for it, but he doesn't answer this part of my messages. 


I'm sorry if my message is too long, I feel frustrated, frauded and scamed. I don't blame the site entirely, I shouldn't have trusted.


Even if I accept I lost the money I feel the site can improve the tools in defence of client payment.


Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Jorge,


I'm sorry about your frustration with the outcome of this job. I've checked and see you approved the release of funds to your freelancer. I also see our Support team explained how the Escrow system works and directed you to communicated with the freelancer in order to resolve the disagreement.