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Error when trying to hire Freelancer

Have completed interviews.  Found our candidate.  

Hit the "Hire Freelancer" button.  Get page load error.  Says data is not available and to come back later.

What is this?  Been an hour.  Same result every time.


Hi Keith,


Thank you for your message. Could you please try again after clearing the Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


Thank you,



So after multiple attempts, clearing cache, attempting to clear cookies and that blowing up my computer a bit, Im back to say that none of that worked.  I refuse to add another browser.  Im a mac user and everytime I do that it creates issues.  If Upwork doesn't solve development issues for Apple users I guess I'm not going to be an Upwork customer.

I was an upwork freelancer for 5 years and the reason I left was for these same issues, constantly having to fight the Upwork plugin and it's mess on the Mac.  Tried to give it another shot and first attempt Im fighting it again.  Will go off platform and find what I need.  


Thanks for the reply.

Hi Keith,


Thank you for your response and confirmation. I'm sorry to learn that you're still having trouble hiring a freelancer. I've shared your report with the appropriate team for further review. One of the members will be in contact via a support ticket. Kindly allow our team time to review and you can access your tickets and then coordinate with the team here to resolve the issue.


~ Arjay
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