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Escrow Refund

I hired a freelancer on a flat rate pay base and the deposit has been transfered to escrow. Now that the job has been expired so I can not retract the job to refund the escrow.


To pay the freelancer the remaining $25 I opened up another job and it deposited another $25 to escrow rather than releasing it to the freelancer. I need to withdraw the $50 that is now remaiing in escrow or pay the freelancer the reamining $25 and withdrawl the remaining $25. Please provide help or advice on how to do this. 


Hi Kyle,


When working with a freelancer on a fixed price contract, the freelancer will submit the submitted work for the funded milestone using the submit for payment button. You will then review the submitted work and if you are satisfied with it and don't require any changes, you can approve and release payment. Here's the help article for more information.  


In case you closed the contract and there are remaining funds, you can send the freelancer a bonus payment


If you are ending a fixed-price contract and there are remaining funds in escrow that are no longer required for the project, you can request an escrow refundTo request an escrow refund, please follow the steps below:


  1. Go to My Jobs to locate the contract
  2. Click the (...) options menu and select End contract
  3. Choose Pay nothing and request a refund or Pay another amount when ending the contract



~ Joanne
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