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Evaluation Task to find good development company

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Every project of any appreciable size has a project manager.

Even if you don't hire a project manager.


The project manager is one of the following:

- the client/project owner

- the lead developer/main freelancer

- a project manager hired specifically to fill that role.


If you don't hire a project manager, then the project manager is either you or the lead developer on the project.


It is possible that neither you (the client or project owner) nor the lead developer are really qualified to be the project manager. In which case, you probably have a BAD project manager.


If you don't know who the project manager is, you probably have a bad project manager.


20% of the time, your lead developer is qualified to serve as the project manage and does so admirably. Quite possibly, she does so without ever being referred to as the project manager.

But clients/project owners get in trouble the other 80% of the time, when their lead developer is not able to function as the project manager.