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Fake Chinese Freelancers

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I do not blame you for being frustrated.

Upwork is the industry leader, and thus the biggest target of cheaters.


It's an "arms race." Upwork adds new security and identification verification protocols, and cheaters work their way around them.


Obvously Upwork doesn't WANT to have any clients disappointed by their experiences hiring freelancers. But you are quite correct in understanding that despite Upwork's efforts, it does not provide guarantees.

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steve r Member Since: Nov 2, 2018
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Hello Uri, Its true the fake programmers just want to get hired, regauirless of skill level or their ability to do the job. They will however make up every excuse while they ate getting paid to do a job.

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Uri M Member Since: Mar 13, 2020
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Hi Steve,

Exactly why I want to avoid them!

Two recent examples:
job1: 81 proposals , 9 shortlist, 5 interviewd(before I started demaning video), ALL were chinese posing as Europeans. Didnt hire anyone. Posted job2 instead.
job2: 55 proposals, 8 shortlisted. 6 refused video call. Remaining 2, we'll see when I interview them.


The noise to signal ratio is terrible. How am I supposed to find the good freelancers I know are out there?


This is why I was calling out Upwork on their Gatekeeping. What are they doing to get these frauds off of their platform? Making it easy to find and hire great freelancers is at the heart of Upwork's value prop. Right now they are failing!

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Parth L Member Since: May 12, 2019
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Hi Ethan, 


There are lot of genuine programmers available who suffered due to this kind of fake profile.




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Wendel M Member Since: Mar 25, 2020
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Hello Ethan, 


Kudos for this post.


I have been a member for over five years but busy with full-time teaching and other tutoring and coaching activities have just begun to seriously use Upwork and Freelancer to prospect. 


"Out of the blue" I received a solicitation from a Freelancer client who was looking for a "partner" in the US to help him develop his web business.and paying $250 for the "partnership." Wanting to know what that entailed, I Skyped chatted the guy and he emailed me his proposal.


The long and short of it was that he wanted to pay someone in the US to give him a false US identity by allowing him to use an account in their name. Not being really conversant with what currently goes at Upworks at Freelancer regarding this I had no idea what either of  their policy on fake or dummy accounts was.


Your post did me a big favor. I will mail this guy and say, "Thank you, but too busy. You might consider moving to the US."


Best regards,





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Julian D Member Since: May 28, 2020
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I just found out this post and now I understand what was happening.

Today someone looks fake on LinkedIn contacted me and asking me to rent Upwork accounts.

He sent me to this website and telling me I can earn lots of money with this method.

Showing me I can rent this accoutn via anydesk / team viewer per $200 / month.

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**Edited for community guidelines**


That account is fully ID verified and video call passed, have several jobs in progress!

Reading all these blogs now I understand what is going on.

These fake accounts are so problematic.


Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Julian,


I shared this with the team for investigation. If you'd like to share more information, please send me a PM by clicking on my name. I'd be happy to include it in my report to the team. Thank you!