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Fake profiles used by a big agency at oDesk

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Nikhil M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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I just found that an agency on oDesk is using lots of fake profiles to get projects on oDesk: OSVIN Web Solutions They have hidden the profiles so that no one can see their complete profile unless they apply on a project. You can see the fake names on their company's previous project history at the above mentioned company's profile link. Check the names here: Aaron L., Adam K., Brett S., Peter K., Mike S., Keith K., Charles S., Dave S., Mike S., Stella P. and many more. All these are Indian people using fake names that resembles American names. I know because I have visited their office in Chandigarh, India and have seen Indians working on oDesk projects using fake names. I am quite sure none of their profile is verified, I could not check because all such profiles are hidden to me unless I post a project and they apply to it. Though, I do not have any personal issue with the company or employees and they might be working well for their clients, but I feel that freelancers should use their real names and profiles while working and should not violate any oDesk rules. It makes other honest freelancers' job difficult to get new projects.
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Nicole H Member Since: Nov 15, 2007
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Indian names are sometimes difficult for westerners. Call any American business that uses Indian call centers and you will find that most of the Indian employees go by names that are easy for Americans, and unlikely their real names, but probably each one has an assigned name to use and only that one person uses it. Lots of Chinese have a western name they use too instead of their Chinese name. I'm not sure if they are showing it on our profiles yet, but some of us have verified identities with oDesk. If you want someone you know is who they say they are, perhaps that is something to look for.