Feature Request: List 'Team' that contractor is being added to during the hire process

As I understand, it is not possible (yet?) to move contractors between teams after they have been hired, resulting in their existing contract having to be cancelled then rehiring using the correct team.


Therefore, can I suggest that at each stage of the hiring process, the team that the contractor is being added to is highlighted, or at least listed. From what I can see it's only on the first page that this is shown. There have been a few times when I thought I'd selected the correct team, but (doh!) I'd selected the incorrect one or left it on the default team.


If the team is listed on each page then at least we'd have the chance to notice the error and rectify it before the hiring process is completed.


What do others think?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andrew,


Thank you very much for sharing your feedback about hiring freelancers for different teams with us. I am sorry to hear that it can be confusing. I will forward your suggestions to our Team.

~ Valeria