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Feature Suggestion - For Clients

One feature that I would like to see added to the client portal is that applicants that were declined or never hired should not be able to contact you via the message system. Specifically, I had some projects posted a while back, for which I interviewed many applicants, hired several, and directly declined some without ever conversing. 


Once you enter the interview process with a freelancer, even if you don't hire them they always have the ability to send you messages outside of the job application portal. Yes, I am well aware that you can block a freelancer in the messages portal, and sometimes I do. However, this should not be the only solution. 


I never mind getting occasional messages from freelancers I have hired in the past, I often rehire them as a result. However, in recent weeks I have been getting an increasing number of messages from freelancers that I never hired, ones that I simply interviewed, with them asking for work. Freelancers that were never hired should go back to not being able to directly message a client for any reason. Just as a person who is looking at a job post cant message a client without using connects and putting in an application. 


This is just a feature suggestion, I know how to use the block feature in messages and use it often. However, I should not have to block a freelancer from messaging me begging for work, especially when I don't have projects posted and never hired them for projects in the past. 


Hi Heather,


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We'll be sure to pass it along to the team.


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