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Feature request: Show invoices as paid


I hired some freelancers on Upwork on behalf of a client (outside Upwork), and I need to bill my client for the expense.


I can download receipts showing my payments to Upwork, but there is no way to connect them to invoices for particular work from the freelancers I hired. Separately, I can download invoices showing what I owe, but there is no way to show that those invoices have been paid.


The best I can do, according to Upwork support, is download all my invoices and all my receipts, and then show the whole mess to the client, highlighting individual reference IDs in each one to show that they all match up.


It would be really much simpler if there was some way to download an invoice that was marked as "paid" so I could just show my clients the invoiced amount, the paid amount, and the remaining balance of $0.00.
Hotels do this! When you check out they will give you a bill and show at the bottom that it has been paid. I wish Upwork did too.
Could Upwork maybe add that feature?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dylan,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'll share your suggestion with our team but would invite other clients to post their opinion about this update and if they would benefit from it.


This still hasn't been fixed?  Is there no way to print a PAID invoice?


I can see why this would be useful. I'm in the middle of having all my spend audited by our accountant and showing invoices as "paid" would have made it easier.