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File a Dispute against the hours logged by the freelancer

Can any provide me the link to file a dispute against the wrong hours claimed by the freelancer in hourly contract.

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There is no option to file a dispute ,its a article only

Hi Ramees,


Within the article Preston shared, you can find instructions on how to file a dispute. You will need to navigate to the contract room in order to proceed with the steps.


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Thanks , but i canoot see the option to file a dispute.Its an article only.


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Can anyone help please

I would like to help you.
Please answer:

When was this work done (how many days ago)?

How much money in total have you paid to this freelancer?



Freelancer claimed 12 hours instead of 3 hours 

I have already requested for refund ,but he is not ready to refund and i cannot see the option to file a dispute.

The above article says to make a refund request , which is done . But next step is not clear 

You are talking about $101 billed to you over the course of three weeks.


These weeks are in the past.


The time for disputing these hours is in the past. You would have needed to dispute within the five-day review period after the end of a week.


It is not Upwork's intention that you receive a refund for that work.


There is no realistic way forward for you to get that money back. From a business perspective, the most beneficial thing for you to do now is to stop trying to get that money back. A key to being a successful client is focusing on your project goals, and sometimes that means letting former freelancers keep money that they don't deserve. But you don't have time to balance the karma of every underperforming freelancer who works for you.


Sorry if that sounds like disappointing news. But, really, this is good news.

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You are too late to dispute.


Ramees K wrote:

But next step is not clear 

There is no next step. You missed the dispute deadline, the freelancer declined the refund request.

This is over.

Hi Ramees,


Thank you for reaching out to us. For the billing periods that you've mentioned, they are already outside the review period and the funds have been released to freelancer hence, the refund can only be initiated by them. You may contact our support team to assist you in facilitating a request for refund but again, only the freelancer can decide whether to release the refund or not. 


For the guidelines regarding filing an Hourly Dispute, kindly check this article.

~ AJ
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