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Financial transactions for Gregory Kennedy (21828473) have been limited. PayPal fixed in 15 mins.

Financial transactions for Gregory **edited for Community Guidelines** (21828473) have been limited.  PayPal fixed in 15 mins.  I am the co-founder along with Hollywood Emmy award winner Noam Dromi.  I logged into PayPal from New Jersey / New York where I am working on our business.  I usually log in from Hollywood so PayPal sent us a security alert which was fixed within 15 minutes. Apparently, Upwork platform did not receive the update that all was fine after this.
That we have to go to a community page first when responding to an alert message from your platform about payment, instead of directly to customer service delayed us hiring the developer until Monday.   Time-consuming and not very professional.  We are hiring the dev on Monday through Upwork and hopefully, our experience with Upwork will be smooth and professional.
Thank you,
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gregory, 


I checked your account and it looks like your financial transactions are still limited. You may remove this payment method on your end, and re-add it if you have already resolved the issue with Paypal to auto-resume your account.

~ Avery
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