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Finding the right fit

I started to post my job but realzied I may not attract the correct target group and am looking for advice.

We need someone to customize an Outlook contact so that we can add our 750+ clients to a group (for ease of emailing) and then be able to import them into the One Note program and show the specific information in that out look contact correctly.  Also may need to be able to easily import the contact names into GMail becuase our main reservation system that we use everyday does not work with outlook well.

Expanding on the project within One Note (or if there is a better suggestion such as Evernote)  we plan to have a notebook, sections and a several page/subpages to store specific documents required and forms needed for each individual client. Further expanding, we want to keep history with each of our 750 clients and be able to drag emails, notes and photos of property to their file and when they leave archive them.  I dont want to waste any time trying to figure this out myself and need to come up with an overal all project plan and organization tier within one note (or another suggested program) and thought It would be better to hire an expert.

Am I looking for a programmer, a designer, project manager.....how should I post this to find the right person to do the job.  Thank you in advance for your time in replying!


Pam, to attract the correct target group it might help if you post first a job in the writing category to find someone help with a better optimized job description/request for proposal.


Your job sounds to fit in the Admin Support - Personal Virtual Assistant category.
Skills : email handling, administrative support, data entry

Pam, what you posted here in this thread is basically what you need to post in a job posting, but you need to explain that you want to hire a person to create a project description that will accomplish your goals. You are looking for a high-end developer who will NOT DO THE WORK, but help you decide what needs to be done. You should get three or four such proposals. 


Many of the ideas you laid out are excellent, and some of your ideas are really not a good way to handle these goals. Get a few different general outlines for how to accomplish your goals, and then hire a project manager to work with developers to get the project completed in a timely manner.


Make sure you do not work with only one person; that would be a disastrous approach to a project of this scope.

re: "Am I looking for a programmer, a designer, project manager..."


For a project of this scope, you will want all three.

For something like this, you should definitely not have the same person do the programming and design.

And really should not rely on the programmer to serve as his own project manager.


But just because you use multiple people, don't think this has to be a huge unending project. I have put together entire moderate-sized websites in a single day with a half dozen different Upwork contractors working together, doing different parts, including redundant assignments for overlap.