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Fixed Price Deposits (not included in balance)

Has anyone else experienced the inability to access funds deposited into your account?


I deposited funds and when I went to make a payment my balance was shown to be zero. Eventually I spotted in the upper right of my “Transaction History”, a line that read “Fixed Price Deposits (not included in balance): $480.00.”


That was over two weeks ago. I reported this to the help desk and they were thoroughly confused. Eventually they opened a ticket. I still do not have access to my funds, and the latest word from support is:  “With regard to this issue, we have received reports from other clients as well, and this is now being looked into. At this time though, there's no ETA yet provided by our Engineering department, but rest assured that we will immediately contact you once we have an update.”


This is very disconcerting. Something like this often happens just before a company goes bankrupt and needs the money for their escape to Brazil!


Anyone having similar issues?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Karl,


I have followed up with the team regarding your issue and they will make sure to provide a solution as soon as possible.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria

If the above is the case why has it not been reported on this thread for others with similar queries- the above response is a no-response unless you have directly mailed the OP. 

It is amazing to me that we tollerate upwork - it is often down and saying 'we'll be back', regularly claims it has 'listened to feedback' and upgraded something when it hasnt. Functions appallingly in many respects. 

I doubt those profitting from upwork will run off to brazil as suggested above; my guess is that those profitting are already on holiday in brazil and have left the running of upwork to a bunch of people who just want to have a job.


Dan, this thread is nearly a year old. It's most likely that the problem the OP was experiencing at the time was solved directly. The community forum is not some kind of "knowledge base" where every problem is solved publicly and accessible to everyone. If you're having a similar problem, you could provide more information so that the community could try to help you.