Fixed Price Proposals

Hi there, 

I am new to ODesk - I have posted a couple of jobs but recently posted a job for a logo design to be completed on a fixed rate basis. 

I put a figure of $25 and I am unsure if this is the figure I pay... ???

I have had many applications and each application has a different figure next to it ranging from $20-$44 - is this the proposal that candidates are prepared to work for - as in a counter proposal?

Finally - can I limit the number of applications to a maximum of 50??

Is this available through settings or do I need to manually close off the job post?








The $25 is your budget, so it's the most you're willing to pay.


You are correct, the $20-$44 is what the candidates want you to pay. It's your decision, but if I were you, I would not choose any candidate who asked for more than your $25 budget. To me, it says they didn't even read what you wrote.


I'm only a freelancer, so I do not know if you can limit the number of applications. Good luck!

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Sorry John, but I disagree about not hiring people over budget. Why? Because let's take the example of translations. I charge a minimum rate per word. Sometimes a client has no idea what to pay for a translation, and my rate "teaches" him its worth. Got a $100 contract where the price was set at $50 just this week...


I would never do this in the past, but then read a poster here who stated she did it all the time and was hired more ofthen than not...and it works.



You make a good point. On the other hand, higher price isn't a guarantee of higher quality, so the client should decide case by case. Still, the least the applicant could do is explain why the bid is larger than the budget.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce


Speaking purely about what would ensure optimal success for your project...


You should either hire 5 different contractors for the job at $25.00 each, and pick the results you like the best, and throw away the rest. (Everyone gets paid, of course.)


Or you should pick a contractor who charges at least $30/hr and ask if he/she can get you results within about 10 hours of work.


But if you pick just ONE low-paid contractor, it means that this logo is not very important to you.


Save money elsewhere. Buy less expensive office chairs. But don't skrimp too much on your logo.

All, Thank you for your thoughts; I will take this into consideration. 

I am aware the company logo sets the company tone, but, I am unsure whether at the start up stage I need to stretch funds into this area... 

I am certainly getting it right from the start, but, I am starting this business as an add on to my full time occupation, using limited resources. 

If things go well, I am happy to re-invest into developing creative elements... 




That makes sense.

If this is just a little side business, you can get a logo inexpensively and always upgrade it later. No big deal.


Hey Joe,

Budgets are important, and with so many freelancers on oDesk, I am sure you can find someone to do a logo for $25. When picking a freelancer you should always look at what a freelancer is bidding and if it’s within your budget. But also make sure you look at their feedback, start rating, and Job Success. Also if you asked any questions in your posting make sure they answered them. 


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