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I'm currently hiring Freelancers on a "fixed-price" basis. I'm using the time tracker at the same time to make sure the work is being done by this person instead of one of their coworkers, so everyone has a fair share. How can I view my freelancers work diary for a fixed price job? I do not see the option like I would for an hourly job. Thanks in advance!  




There is no way to do that unless you hire hourly.


If you only want to do fixed price jobs, then it's best to try and find freelancers with good profiles and with whom you feel you can establish a level of trust.

Weird because it logs screenshots and time for them and it also lets me see how long they've been tracking for. I just cannot see their activity bar.               

I only work fix priced jobs - there is no software that tracks my hours, I apprise my clients of my progress by proofs and good communication.


I'm not sure what you're seeing if the job is, indeed, flat rate.


ETA: I just noticed you put fixed price in quotes. Is the job fixed or hourly?

This is a fixed price job and if you open the hourly tracker it allows you to record time for fixed priced jobs. This record of time is accesible by me, just not the screenshots and activity tracker.    

Okay - well, I don't know how you record time of a freelancer not using shared software. Hopefully a mod will come along with more useful information for you.


Sorry I can't be of help.

@Virginia F wrote:

Okay - well, I don't know how you record time of a freelancer not using shared software. Hopefully a mod will come along with more useful information for you.


Sorry I can't be of help.

Virginia, you can use the tracker for fixed priced contracts, just for you, in case you want to track you time spend in a project. Of course it will not guarantee any payment but you can use it. I'm not sure how is this seen on the client side

I have always used my own time tracking software for jobs. It generates invoices for my off-line clients. I'm not sure how using UW's would benefit the client.


Thanks for clarifying, Valeria.

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Community Manager

Hi Matt,


The freelancer can use Upwork App and track time on fixed-price contract for their and your record. You will not be billed based on those hours and will still need to use milestones to pay the freelancers.


Let me check with the team if there are any issue with viewing Work Diaries.

~ Valeria

Thanks. We just want to track activity to make sure all employees are working equally. Since they are all in the same program we cannot track them individually. We just want to use the activity tracker as assurance that the work is getting done.


Matt, I know this isn't exactly your question, but... The fixed-price model is designed to pay on a deliverable. It shouldn't matter to the client how long it takes the freelancer to do the work, if they're doing other stuff at the same time, if they spend more or less time than other freelancers on the same task, or whatever, as long as they deliver the thing they're supposed to deliver. If you want to make sure your freelancers are doing a specific number of hours, or that all your freelancers are spending the same amount of time on each task or something, then the hourly model is really the way to go.


I don't think I really understand what you're trying to achieve with requiring and monitoring the time tracker for fixed price jobs.

Matt, Jennifer D. gave you a thorough explanation of the difference thus saving me the time.  

FWIW, I suggest you be concerned with results - not quarter hour increments.

I think the problem is that some freelancers present themselves as employees, rather than independant contractors, and just as many clients act as employers. The term "employee" was used in this thread. I think if you want to watch over who you hire that closely, perhaps Upwork isn't the best option.

As a freelancer who predominantly has fixed priced contracts, I would like to add that I work during what most would consider weird hours. I have a deadline set by the client. How or when I actually complete his work is not really his concern. His concern is whether I have delivered what we have agreed on. That is it. How long it takes me, or how quickly it takes me, is my business. I was hired to do X at a set fee of Y, due on Z. That is it. 


If, however, a client wants to keep tabs on my work activity, he is more than welcome to hire me according to my hourly rate. In this case, he can check over what I have been working on, the times I worked at it, and the level of activity to his heart's content. He would still, however, have to keep in mind that the work would be delivered on the due date and that I would work at times suitable to me, and not according to a schedule designed by him. 


As a freelancer, I run my OWN business using Upwork as a means to bid on contracts. I am not an employee. As an employee, I would expect certain perks, such as a pension plan, paid sick leave, etc. etc. 

A dozen and more kudos coming your way, Irene!

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