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Flagged for no reason

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Ana V Member Since: Oct 16, 2020
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We are very dissatisfied with the work of the Upwork team.

Yesterday, we contacted Upwork because I was unable to receive 2 factor sms anymore and Upwork wasn't offering any other options on the login page.
So I was stuck, the company couldn't access parts of the account, like tax info.

The person I was chatting with, had no other means but to throw an extensive identity verification at me.
I didn't mind but I knew this wouldn't help with the 2 factor authentication.
I started answering the questions and then the chat shut down on me. I have already spent a big deal of time chatting so I emailed back saying that I need help with our company's 2 factor, still.

Do you know what we received as a reply? Nothing.
They just blocked our account 😡 out of thin air. They didn't try to reach back, for example with an email, asking to reconfirm my identity, because the chat shut down. No they just outright locked the company's account.

They arbitrarily locked the account.

We have projects and freelancers there and they jeopardized everything.

There's no justification as to why Upwork didn't reach back out to us first to verify the owner's identify instead of locking the account especially that there wasn't any reason.

Our project was paralyzed, we were unable to move on with work. And this arbitrary Upwork's behavior left a very bitter and unpleasant taste.

We were angry, and rightfully so, and we sent an email asking why they did this to our account.

There was no reply, again.

We got even angrier because this behaviour was completely **Edited for Community Guidelines** style, they do whatever they want, they don't ask customers, they don't care how customers feel.

Feeling trapped without a reply, and an account locked for no reason, we wrote a few more emails requesting to unlock the account. No reply. We were so angry about this unfair behavior we used a few nasty words in our emails, and rightfully so,
because nothing justifies what Upwork did to our account and how they jeopardized our projects.
So why would we act in any better way?

Later we got an email that our account has been not only locked for no reason, but also flagged for use of inappropriate language.

This is beyond belief.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

They just do whatever the ... they want, and customers have to shut up and accept this?

Upwork has to urgently reconsider their obnoxious policies, protocols, and behaviour. After all, you're not the only freelance platform out there.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Ana,


I'm sorry to hear about your recent account issue and your experience in communication with our Customer Support team. I reviewed your account and previous communication, and while I won't discuss the details it's unfortunate the conversation ended up being unproductive.

If you haven't already, please follow up on the message our team posted on your initial support ticket yesterday after resuming your account access and update the account details in question. I understand your frustration and will relay your feedback and experience to our team. I'd also like to note that we do take account access seriously and have a verification process in place in order to protect our users and ensure only the account owner can access their account. I understand the difficulties this process created on your end and apologize for that.


Please note that we are here for you and would like to continue supporting your business on Upwork. Let us know if you still need assistance with your account access and feel free to follow up on your support ticket if you'd like to continue the conversation regarding your recent experience. I'd like to kindly ask you to refrain from including disparaging comments about Upwork in your future Community posts in order to allow us to have a continual conversation. Thank you.