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Fraud Refund Wanted

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I recommend that you only release the Milestone funds if work has been submitted to you and meets your expectations."


I definitely agree with this advice.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying money up front to a freelancer in other situations, as have been mentioned in this thread. It is normal to do this in some venues. It is normal to do this in some industries. Previously this was normal to do on Upwork before the current escrow system was established.


TODAY, on Upwork specifically, I do not recommend any client pay up-front fees. I believe Upwork contractors should adjust their work practices.


If you are a trustworthy Upwork contractor who wants to collect up-front fees, and if clients will pay you up-front fees on fixed-price contracts, then feel free to ignore this.


But clients should be aware that on Upwork:

a) paying up-front fees for fixed-price contracts is not necessary


b) there is no payment protection if you do so; Upwork does not guarantee you will receive the work done, and it does not guarantee that it will refund your money if you pay an up-front fee to a contractor and she doesn't deliver what was agreed upon