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Fraud and Scam

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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Yeah, I hate talking on the phone. I hate Skype, chat or video. If I have an email then I can stick it in a folder and everything is documented. If I have a chat on the phone then I need to have a pen and paper and I'm frantically trying to write everything down so I don't forget it... and then I'm that busy concentrating on writing down what has been said, that I'm not concentrating on what is currently being said.


Maybe an initial "Hey, how's it going? Yes, I'm a real person. I understand what you need etc etc" type call isn't too bad, but a daily update type call to cover what needs doing? Not my thing. I get all the info on what I need and then disappear into the jungle for a tree-frog poison induced hallucinogenic rollercoaster ride of creativity, a sweat lodge of adventure and discovery, or I'll just seal myself in a subterreanean cave with a case of the finest scotch and maybe a bag of scampi fries. A week or two later I will ascend from the shadows, hold the work above my head as the sun streams through the clouds, and choirs will sing as doves soar into the sky. 


Works well for me. 



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Mads L Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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Hi Vladimir, thanks, I suppose you are representing Upwork ?


Here some comments and questions...



2. No, screenshots are taken at 10-minute intervals and time in between is also kept in check, so freelancers are not able to log in more hours that the number they have tracked, unless they add more time manually. 


( So the freelancer can use 2 screens or 2 laptops, and after 10 min, when it running out. make 2 mouseclik to new page and still get money ?, then it all about multitasking, 5-6 clicks per hour then your in bussiness ? )

FYI ; Average mobile users check mobile in 55 times during a 8 hour working day, so to make a mouse click 5 times per hour is easy..! )


3. Freelancers get paid on Hourly jobs only after you have reviewed and approved the time they logged in. If there wasn't any activity, the screenshot will show up as blank, and that time will not be billed.


( how do you detect activity ?, and how can you explain this;  Your screen shots dont match develpers screen,  acording to your slides it is every 10 minutes, BUT if you check the screenhot in details you can see that there 25 minutes since last screenshot ( the timer at the actuel screen ), AND the time at the develepors screen dont match you time ? )

FYI: We are taking in to point the diffrent timezones, furthermore this issue is apearing at serville contractors, not only one case.. )


4. Please share the relevant details with Support about the freelancer/s and job/s you suspect are not tracking their time properly, so we can check.


(The scamers we have already shared with you and the specific contractors we will not give you names on before we are 100% that there is something going on..)


5. Again, please report the freelancers you suspect, but note that not agreeing to a video call is a matter of preference and doesn't necessarily mean the freelancer is lying about their identity


( Since we are looking for long term realtionships, and +30 hours per week we always interview candidates, and best way to check their communcations skills and avoid scam is a Skype call.

We tried many who pretend to be Danish, Swedish or from Norway, and when we start chatting in Swedish or Danish they are gone..- SO for sure they are scaming. And again we report most of the scammers already)


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Screenshots are not taken at 10minute intervals, they are taken randomly once within every 10 minute slot.


You are only charged for time segments (10 minute segments) in which there was activity. So if a freelancer leaves the tracker running and there is no activity you are not charged for any segments without activity.


You can see the level of activity in the screenshots by the number of greenbars. 10 greenbars out of 10 means there were keystrokes and / or mouseclicks in 10 of the 10minutes. You can drill down to the number of each by clicking on the green bar to see just how much was going on in each minute


Excessive numbers of low activity segments are a good reason for a dispute, as are lack of meaningful work memos or non work related screenshots.


You need to check your freelancers' work diaries at the latest from Monday to Friday after the work week ended, or it is too late to dispute. Anyscreenshots with excessively low activity or non work related work or without a meaningful work memo can be disputed and you should get your money back.


Remember you can only dispute up until Friday night (midnight UPC) after the work week has ended.


You can set the time you see the work diary in on the actual work diary screen.



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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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ugh this is why I hate hourly jobs. I have 2 monitors and I like Netflix running on one while I work. 


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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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The problem is that on any given freelancing site, you are going to encounter fraudsters and scammers, both on the side of freelancers and clients. It is unfortunate. There will always be someone who tries to buck the system somehow. 


The only thing we, as honest freelancers and clients can do, is to report such people, in the hopes that their accounts will be removed so that they are not able to engage in such endeavours again. Of course, there will always be another hopeful or two who try the same, therefore vigilance should be the watchword.


I know it is frustrating, but these are the facts of the matter. Not everyone engages in this behaviour, nor should everyone be judged according to the behaviour of the few.