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Freelancer angry, bulying and bombarding with messages because I decided to hire someone else

I want complain about a "freelancer" that is actually bullying me for taking the decision to hire someone else, end the initial contract I started, because he did not provide clear solution nor I could work with what he gave me, and my project was very urgent. 24 hours later we were still figuring it out because he wanted to "do the salespage i asked with a different theme" that the one on my website and that i requested in the jobpost.

As there was no advance, I ended the contract and hired someone else that knew very well what I asked for in the job post and using the Theme on my website. Well, when he figured that out he wrote me 40 messages because he was angry and is feeling entitled to being paid, while actually he wasted my time and delayed with 24h the work I needed. Although I told him we could work perhaps in the future for another project he was just out of control bombarding me with messages last night. His name is **edited for Community Guidelines** and he acts as he's entitled to my time and money. I understand if there is the option to end a contract and hire someone else and reimburse the initial escrow payment it is because that is acceptable. Please take a note about this, because for me this is pure verbal harassment and bullying. He is from **edited for Community Guidelines** and I honestly suspect he does that because I am a female business owner.

I believe his behaviour is totally unacceptable it makes me feel unsafe here on this website. I do not want to be exposed to bullying or giving explanations of why I hired someone else by an angry man - although it was clear why - plus he did nothing for me but made me waste my time with an alternative solution - he wanted to build the page with a different plugin theme I had asked in the post.

Also,as a consecuence he lost the oportunity to work with me further on a much bigger project because I want to avoid working with angry and entitled bullying people like that. I hope you guys can address this type of issues because honestly, it's really unconfrotable. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andra, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience with this freelancer. I wanted to note that I had to edit your post because it violates the Upwork Community Guidelines. Just the same, I understand how this experience can be very frustrating for you. 

You may read more about getting an escrow refund in this help article. I checked your account and can see that you tried reaching out to the team regarding the same concern. I have shared this with our Customer Support Team and they will reach out to you to help you move forward with this. 

~ Avery
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