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Freelancer can't meet our requirements as per proposal and will not refund monies

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Belinda T Member Since: Sep 20, 2020
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This is the first project we have outsourced via Upwork, after hearing great things about the talent available.

Our initial proposal clearly stated our needs.

We released funds as the freelancer pushed for it. Silly us released funds.

The communication process was okay, although we felt we provided all solutions.

Finally, she decided she couldn't meet one of our initial criteria. (To create an option in the checkout process to allow for at least 2 voucher codes to be entered).

I said well then job can't be done and we request a refund.

She said she'd already spent it and tthere is no way she could afford to refund it and that she feels her hours put into collecting our emails means she earned our money.

I responded to say the job is not done, we are not satisfied, 'you couldn't do the job, you stated that there is nothing in the market to meet our need. We know there is. Full refund please'.

@DisputeCentre: this is going to get ugly. Job not done. Please provide me instructions to go to arbitration.

No one is in business to hand out money for nothing. And no one should take on a job they aren't capable of completing. And no one should deny a refund to a dissatisfied customer (who got nothing in return but 'I can't do it' it's impossible).

The freelancer is wrong. I now need my money back. We have recently found an alternative solution. Nothing is impossible.

Anyone had a similar situation? Any advice? @Upwork please contact me.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Of course you are not obligated to continue working with this freelancer.


You are saying that there is still money funded in escrow, and the freelancer does not want to refund that money back to you?

How much money is it?

Luiggi R Moderator Member Since: Jul 3, 2020
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Hi Belinda,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the freelancer. Given the circumstances you've explained, you did well in requesting a refund from the freelancer if you feel the project was not completed based on your requirements. Now, as you mentioned, the case will undergo a dispute if the freelancer rejects the refund request. I recommend that you check this help article for more information on how this works.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi