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Freelancer deleted my site and disappeared

I hired a contractor to edit my CSS file.  He logged in and completely deleted my entire website and then disappeared.  How do I report this?  He completely sabotaged my company!


May be you should create a support ticket to let upwork know about this incident . This is completely unethical behavior and other contractors should know about this  freelancer so that they can be safe . 



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I hired a contractor to edit my CSs file.  He completely deleted my entire website and then disappeared.  How do I report this.  He completely sabotaged my company!

As do most developers, I always sequester CSS files in their own dedicated sub-directory, and when I hire people to edit the CSS, I give them access to that directory only.


The way to prevent this kind of thing is very basic.


Also: you hired the wrong person to edit your CSS file.


And your project manager was very incompetent. Why did the project manager not have a complete backup of the site, ready to restore?


Most likely, the web host provider has a backup. That is who you need to contact next, not Upwork.

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Community Manager

Hi Gold,


I'm sorry to hear a contract with this freelancer didn't go as expected and I see you have already filed a dispute. They will have time to respond to it and depending on their response, the team will follow up with you. If you have additional information or evidence of inappropriate actions by the freelancer, please file a ticket using the link provided earlier on this thread to share them with the team.

~ Valeria
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