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Freelancer did not preform the job but billed me as if they did now my account is locked

how do i fix this. A freelancer did not do any work only 23  hours to do simple edits to videos and changed more well over the agreed price and logged hours she did not do. how do I fix this?

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Talk with the freelancer and try to work it out, otherwise a dispute can be filed, but that is the hard way to go.

Agreed with William:

You should clear the issue with the freelancer.

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Well, can you attach here more details as you agreed before started? As you are saying, it was  simple edits (how simple it was it really matters) at the same time all things should come to up for better understanding as well. Don't worry, you will get exactly as you are wanting, otherwise someone tell you the final solutions but all the freelancers are hating these issues.

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