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Freelancer doesn't respond after milestone release

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Beat L Member Since: Nov 28, 2017
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During the time of open contract, everything was fine and the freelancer work was great. He asked me to release the milestone even there were some Bugs left and promised to fix them. Now aftter i wrote a good review he always postpone the tasks. Already for 2 monts there are things not working.

I know it's late but there are bugs which i catched only later after testing the app long term.


Now i would have to hire a new freelancer to finish the job which was never ended.


Any advice? And is it possible to change the feedback i have given? 


Thanks for your advice


Community Guru
Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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If you have released payment then there is no legal way to enforce the freelancer to do anything although morally he/she must complete the job. Anyway, you can report that freelancer to the Upwork support team. Definitely, they will take action against him/her. 


Yeah, you need to hire a new freelancer to fix your bugs at the moment. 



Community Leader
Allen W Member Since: Oct 7, 2017
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Really, if you released payment AND left good feedback before ensuring quality work, I don't think you have any right to report the freelancer. Unfortunatley, you made a mistake. Sure, the freelancer is no good, but that's not really the point here. He got away with something that was avoidable. 

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Beat L Member Since: Nov 28, 2017
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Sure i did QA. And we agreed that he will fix the open bugs. IT was just a bit complex to fix at this time and it needed some time to test. And some bugs you just find after longtime testing. so in future i will always let open the last milestone for 2 months to make sure everything is fine.