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Freelancer from India has another freelance account??


I am a Top Rated freelancer and recently started a client account as I want to hire a part time social media manager. After vetting all prospective hires, I chose a freelancer from India--his profile looks legit, 100% JSS. I sent him an offer with an hourly limit to 5 hours a week. He responded that 5 hours is not enough time for him to produce content so I upped the hourly limit. He then responds and says if he can send his other Upwork account as his current account has some Indian government payment issue. I thought that freelancers can only have one account. I withdrew my offer, thanked him for his transparency, but don't feel comfortable going through with doing business through another account since it's his original account that I was impressed with. It didn't feel right to me and felt scammy. I don't think it's legit. Am I wrong with this?

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No, this FL violating ToS. You did all right. Also you can report his.

I think this is bots farm but not single individual. One bot used to warming up others by contract forwarding.

One person can have only one freelancer's account. If you see such proposals then this person violating rules in some way. ToS same for all, India or other country, it is don't matter.

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Thank you for this. I'll report the account.

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It's only allowed to have one freelancer account. You did right. Maybe you should report them

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You are right, you saw his profile and find perfect, so why other account he offer? its means he is not willing for work

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