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Freelancer hiring other freelancers for a client

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Samantha M Member Since: Dec 11, 2016
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My client wants me to take a larger role in his company. I am currently his editor, but he now wants me to oversee all of his content creation. This involves me posting jobs and hiring the writers. So far, so good.


He wants me to pay them, and then, he will reimburse me. The problem is that I would have to charge him an extra 10% to offset the Upwork fee. Upwork will already get 20% from the writers.


For example, I hire a writer for $100. The writer receives $80, Upwork receives $20. I must charge my client $110 to pass the $100 through to my writer. And, Upwork gets an additional $10. So, Upwork gets 30%.


Is there a way for him to pay the writers directly, i.e., not through me, but at the same time, I am the one posting, hiring, and managing them?


Thank you in advance!

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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The client needs to just add you to his team and give you hiring priviledges. It's easy.


Client needs to go to their Settings in their client interface and click on Memmbers and Permissions


members and permissions.jpg


then use the invite new user link


invite new user.jpg


then set permissions


You can send the client this link as well Permissions explained 

You will then be able to log into parts of your client's account via your own log-in (what you can log in and do will depend on the permissions set for you Smiley Happy

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Samantha M Member Since: Dec 11, 2016
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Thank you very much!

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Zoha U Member Since: Feb 8, 2017
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This may get possible if you make an Agency and invite the potential writers to join it and then make the client hire them individually. This way, you will be involved, will get to do the negotiations and participate while at the same time, the client pays for all the work. 


Here's more about it: