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Re: Freelancer keeps ownership of work and our site. Should we release final payment?

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Martin S Member Since: Feb 28, 2019
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Hi there,


I hope you can advise. We have posted a Wordpress website development job a long time ago. The freelacer has completed phase 1 and was paid. He 'completed' current phase 2 on his local server and transfered the site to our hosting server. We can check his work on the front end but he is denying access details to the WP editor (which is ours), until we release the last payment. If we have no access, we can not check the work properly. We also do not have 100% ownership of his work (and our site). What do we do? Do we release final payment and hope that he will provide access details, and fix any issues later?


I am confused,

Please advise.




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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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If I were you, and you really need the code, release the milestone when you have free time to check the code. Upwork has a 5-day security hold, and this is what it's for. If he does anything shady, he can't get to the money for 5 days. If he doesn't deliver within three days, dispute. If he delivers right away, make sure you check things before the 5-day security hold is up.

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Martin S Member Since: Feb 28, 2019
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Thank you Jennifer, that helps.