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Freelancer left suddenly; can't see her profile

I just had a freelancer end her contract suddenly. It also says her profile is no longer available and that she won't receive messages until her access is restored. 


I have read in the forum that this message typically appears when a person has been suspended. But would that automatically close her contract? Or does it seem more likely that she deleted her account?

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Freelancers may choose different privacy settings that can cause their profile to change with regards to how accessible it is.


Freelancers may choose to close their account. A freelancer account can be removed by Upwork.


You may wonder about this. Your curiosity is understandable.


As a client, I understand that it does not actually matter when it comes to what I need to do.


I hired Francine and Paula. Francine was suspended by Upwork. Paula quit freelancing when she was accepted to medical school. Or was it the other way around? It does not matter. Either way, I need to assign their tasks to other members of my team.

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Suspended accounts don't automatically close the contract, that I'm aware of. Permanently suspended accounts might, since there is no point in having active contract with Freelancer that got banned essentially. But she could've as well ended the contract herself. You could contact Upwork to know for sure, but regardless, you'll need a new Freelancer.

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