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Freelancer not responding

I had a freelancer apply for a job who I hired and in the first few days he was very responsive and even uploaded some of the work to show progress. Now he wont respond and hasnt uploaded any more of the work. It is quite a large job and i dont know if there is a way to fire him or make a report?


I believe the support team can assist you in trying to get some response from the guy.

Always be careful when choosing who works for you. During interviews try and get to know them

better. On the good side I am available may be I could perform the task for you if it is within my abilities.

I feel bad you are undergoing this.


Hi Rose,


I'm not sure of the client-specific steps that you would have to take. I think you can pause contracts before you end them completely, if you want to take time to review with customer support.  Either way, if a provider isn't communitcating to your satisfaction, don't waste  time on them.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rose,


I'm not familiar with the details or the amount of time that has passed from your last communication, but in order to account for legitimate reasons for your freelancer's unresponsiveness, and also keep your project on track, I'd suggest contacting our Support team so we can try and get in touch with the freelancer and advise on further steps. 

~ Vladimir
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