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Freelancer requested that I pay outside of Upwork

A Freelancer contacted me about a job that I had posted and requested that I pay off the platform and I want to report him for a violation of the Terms of Service. 

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Hi Gary,


Did the freelancer request you to pay off Upwork in a message they sent you on Upwork or outside of Upwork. Could you please click on my name and send me a private message with the freelancer's name and a screenshot of the message?

Thanks for helping us keep Upwork a safe and trustworthy marketplace.

~ Valeria

I also had it recently happen. The FL also indicated he would do job faster and at lower cost if outside of upwork.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David, 

I wanted to check if you have already reported this freelancer? If not, please send a screen grab of the conversation via a private message where the freelancer said that the job will be faster and cheaper if done outside of Upwork.

~ Avery

David and Gary,


More importantly (at least to me), this is a violation of ethics. UW provides a valuable service and earns its fees. When we agreed to ToS, we made an ethical commitment. A freelancer who will cheat UW will cheat clients as well, and give both UW and its freelancers a reputation problem. Reporting ethical violations is far more important than saving money, or even getting one particular job completed. All freelancing requires trust, and cheaters damage the whole industry.

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