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Freelancer reviews for projects

I've been looking for illustration services by combing through freelancer projects.  They have reviews next to their project ads, but the reviews aren't related to that project at all.  I'll find a top rated freelancer with 400+ reviews, so I'll click on the project.  It always turns out that the 400 reviews aren't from illustration, but from other work the freelancer did such as a writing project, logos, social media marketing, etc.  Why does Upwork do this?  How come they don't give the amount of reviews the freelancer earned from the SPECIFIC project or service rather than including all their reviews when the freelancer offers many different services.  I think this practice is misleading and deceitful.  Does Upwork expect me to waste time sifting through all the reviews to find the ones that are related to the services that I'm looking for?

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I'll be happy to review your projects for a minimum of 20 an hr.


Hi Cheryl,


I appreciate you bringing this concern to our attention. Our aim at Upwork is to provide transparency and clarity to our users, and I clearly understand your point here.


Many freelancers on Upwork are highly skilled professionals who offer a diverse range of services to cater to the needs of clients across various industries and projects. Having projects of different skills displayed on their profiles allows freelancers to demonstrate their breadth of experience and capabilities. 


The reviews displayed on freelancer profiles are indeed an aggregation of feedback received across all projects they've completed on Upwork, regardless of the specific service or category. While this approach is intended to give an overall picture of a freelancer's performance and reliability, we understand that it may not always be the most helpful for clients seeking a specific service. In this situation, you may want to reach out to freelancers who not only offer skills pertinent to your job but also possess deep, exclusive experience in those areas. 


I assure you that we take your feedback seriously and we are continuously working to improve our platform to better serve our community of freelancers and clients. Your input will help us make informed decisions for the benefit of everyone involved. Feel free to message us if you have further questions. 


- Pradeep

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Hi cheryl L, 
You have highlighted a great issue. It is indeed misleading and deceitful and I'm with you on this. Upwork should scrutinize this and help the client to show only the designated and desired reviews about the relevant products. Many freelancers switch jobs and profile headlines as they grow their profiles. Let's hope Upwork takes a serious note on that.


Thanks and regards,

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