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Freelancer wanted to subscribe to video game-related Twitter accounts - any suggestions?

I'm a freelancer on Upwork (and elsewhere) and I am looking for someone with a very niche knowledgebase.


I posted a job on the site some time ago, but didn't get any applications.


I'm essentially looking for someone who knows how to use an RSS reader (Inoreader specifically wold be preferable), can follow basic instructions (it's easy work, but it's repetitive and time-consuming) and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of video games, developers and publishers.


I'm a freelance video game journalist and basically need someone to search for and subscribe to 36 Twitter accounts that I'm not already subscribed to (I will give them access to my RSS reader account), whether they're for a particular game, developer or publisher. Most popular/mainstream games are preferred.


Does anyone know of a freelancer on here (or **Edited for Community Guidelines**) that might fit the bill for this fairly unique project?

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